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Special Virtual Charity Relay Event (June 2020)

Our Midsummer Night's Special Rally relay event was very successful raising £866.50 for Medical Detection Dogs. The results can be found on the show page or watch the successful teams via their video links.

Goodbye & Goodluck Sarah (9th June 2019)

As Sarah prepares for her "Fell from Coast to Coast" challenge, we have sadly had to say goodbye to her as a member of the training team. Sarah has been with us since the beginning and her contribution to making Stoneleigh Rally the club it is today has been invaluable and we will all miss her. It's more of an au revoir as she and Ripple will be back to train with us later in the year.
We waved goodbye with this beautiful Fell-themed china and also presented her with £85 towards the Fell from Coast to Coast - for Macmillan Cancer Support sponsorship pot. Good luck Sarah and hurry back soon!.

Launch Night 6th February 2017

And after all the hard work and planning we opened with a "pop" - celebrating our launch night with a special cake and some bubbly. Rachel's Rupert helped us all get into the party spirit with his special Stoneleigh Rally colours hat.


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