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A Midsummer Night's Special Covid-19 Virtual Rally Relay
Watch the successful teams!

We thank the following competitors for agreeing to share the Youtube links for their rounds. We were thrilled at the diversity of the entry with Beginners and Level 6 competitors all coming together to have a go. The schedule for the event is still available here.

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Act 1 - All's Well That Ends Well

 1stPaws for EffectExercises 1-5Jo and Scout
   Exercises 6-10Jo and Merlin
   Exercises 11-15Hazel and Gem


 2ndThe Animal MagiciansExercises 1-4Vicky and Zia
   Exercises 5-8Suzanne and Blink
   Exercises 9-12Glenis and Gamble
   Exercises 13-15Claire and Thistle


 3rdTitania'sExercises 1-5Sara and Lexi
   Exercises 6-10Hannah and Sienna
   Exercises 11-15Sally and Lace


 4thThree Men And A Lanky LurcherExercises 1-3Katie and Lily
   Exercises 4-6Lizzie and Rudi
   Exercises 7-11Lizzie and Yogi
   Exercises 12-15Katie and Hocus


  Special - Outstanding Performance Mary and River
  Special - Outstanding Performance Lizzie and Sadie
  Special - "Golden Oldie" Chris's Queeva-Diva


Act 2 - Much Ado About Nothing

 1stThe Animal MagiciansExercises 1-4Glenis and Gamble
   Exercises 5-9Claire and Thistle
   Exercises 10-12Vicky and Rico
   Exercises 13-15Suzanne and Blink


 2ndThree Men And A Lanky LurcherExercises 1-3Katie and Lily
   Exercises 4-8Katie and Hocus
   Exercises 9-11Lizzie and Rudi
   Exercises 12-15Lizzie and Yogi


 3rdTitania'sExercises 1-5Sara and Lexi
   Exercises 6-10Sally and Lace
   Exercises 11-15Hannah and Sienna


 4thPaws for EffectExercises 1-5Karen and Charlie
   Exercises 6-10Jo and Merlin
   Exercises 11-15Hazel and Sky


  Special - Outstanding Performance Katie and Koda
  Special - Outstanding Performance Julia and Gracie
  Special - "Golden Oldie" Sue's Bingley


Team Specials

  Best Single Breed TeamSue and KaijaAct 1   Act 2
   - Happy Yappy LappiesScarlett and EeviAct 1   Act 2
   Alice and RuskaAct 1   Act 2
   Alice and KintaAct 1   Act 2
   Scarlett and OnniAct 1   Act 2
   BonusAct 1   Act 2


  Best Mixed Breed TeamJanette and BuddyAct 1   Act 2
   - Get Up And GoJenny and PashaAct 1   Act 2
   Sue and LexiAct 1   Act 2
   Linda and RudiAct 1   Act 2
   Michelle and BethAct 1   Act 2
   BonusAct 1   Act 2


  "Best Of The Rest"Tess and BrodieAct 1   Act 2
   - Wessex K9 Red TeamMichaela and FaithAct 1   Act 2
   Susan and MelodyAct 1   Act 2
   Karen and RubyAct 1   Act 2
   BonusAct 1   Act 2


  Best Team NameLesley and ArchieAct 2
   - ShakesPAWrean ComedyPen and Mr WorfAct 2
   Peta and BillyAct 2
   BonusAct 2


Individual Specials

  Special - Versatility Eski (with Daniel)
    Eski (with Doris)
Eski (with Doris)
    Eski (with Cecilia)
  Special - The Tempest Award Hazel and Ember
  Special - The Swan Award Jacquie and Ditsy



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