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What is Rally?

Rally was originally developed in America from the AKC Obedience Exercises and was adopted by the Kennel Club in 2012 with the first KC rally competition held in April 2013.

Rally shares some of the skill set with Competitive Obedience, Agility and even Heelwork to Music while offering a unique set of challenges to dog and handler. Each Rally course is made up with a set of numbered signs (known as stations) which each dog and handler navigate in order. If you have been to companion classes with your dog you will have encountered some of the Level 1 (entry level) exercises such as sit at heel, dog in the down and walk around, turns both to the left and the right and recalls. As you progress through the levels you will encounter more advanced exercises such as weaving between distractions or directing your dog over a jump. Heelwork and positioning are not as defined as in Competitive Obedience - in Rally your dog needs to be on your left side within arm's reach

Rally is growing in popularity as more people discover this fun way to build on their initial training and grow their bond with their dog.

We hope we have piqued your interest - please contact us for further details.


Sarah with Ziggy
Photo: Les Perry


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