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Introducing the Stoneleigh Rally Challenge Awards

Stoneleigh Rally is excited to invite you to participate in our Challenge Awards.

Our first challenge is the "Train at Home" Challenge, enabling us all to make the most of the limited space available to us during Lockdown. We ran similar schemes for our members last year and they proved very popular as they fitted into both people's lives and their homes, enabling them to enjoy time with their dogs during the first lockdown. We believe that limited space shouldn't be an obstacle. We hope that these challenges will encourage people work with their dogs while focusing on the foundation skills that we all too often neglect. These skills will help all handlers and their dogs whether they are starting out on their training journey or are already enjoying high-level success at their chosen activity. We understand how hard it can be to find the motivation to work with our dogs, especially when we can see no end goal in sight, so we are pleased to introduce these Challenge Awards as we find ourselves back in Lockdown.

The challenges are not competitive, everyone is capable of earning an Award. You can approach them at your own pace, unlike a show there is no opening or closing date. The "Train at Home" Challenge will be available through out 2021 (and may be extended into 2022).

Each individual square outlines an activity to do with your dog, all you need to do is film a short clip when you are happy with your progress. There are three Challenge Awards - Purple, Green and Rainbow - and when you have met the criteria you can submit using the form links below Successful submissions for each award will receive an Award Certificate and Ribbon.

Purple Award 12

To earn a Purple Award please complete a single run from the top to the bottom of the board. This will be made up of 5 connected squares, 1 from each row. You may move diagonally from corner to corner.

Purple Submission Form

Green Award 18

In addition to a successful Purple submission you need to complete a further run from the top to the bottom, as well as making a new route from the left side of the board to the right. Diagonal movement is still allowed. You may duplicate (or share) 1 square from your Purple submission as well as an intersecting square within your Green submission. In total you will need 10 additional squares.

To help ensure that your dog is used to working in different locations you must film at in at least two places, one of which was not used in your purple submission. For example, try filming in the kitchen instead of the living room.

Green Submission Form

Rainbow Award 18

In addition to successfully earning both your Purple and Green Awards you need to complete the rest fo the board with a further 20 squares.

You must film at least one of your additional squares in a new location, making at least 3 different locations in total across the Challenge Awards.

Rainbow Submission Form


These challenges have been designed to be living room friendly so all the squares can be completed inside, although if the weather and restrictions in your area allow you are welcome to film outside. More details on the individual squares can be found in the dedicated Facebook group.

Further information including FAQs can be downloaded here

A printable copy of the "Train at Home" board can be downloaded here and expanded performance notes can be downloaded here



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