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Staycation Special Covid-19 Virtual Rally Relay
Watch the successful teams!

We thank the following competitors for agreeing to share the Youtube links for their rounds. Once again we were astounded at the high standard and the enthusiasm, especially in the Fun Class. The schedule for the event is still available here.

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Class 1 - A Day In The Cotswolds

 1stPlead For ClementcyExercises 1-4Louise and Charlie
   Exercises 5-9Heather and Delilah
   Exercises 10-12Ronnie and Flora
   Exercises 11-15Annie and Monkey


 2ndWho Let The Dogs OutExercises 1-3Valerie and Sake
   Exercises 4-7Mary and River
   Exercises 8-12Mary and Uisce
   Exercises 13-15Mary and Priya


 3rdBlack White and Red All OverExercises 1-3Sally and Zee
   Exercises 4-9Sara and Lexi
   Exercises 10-15Sally and Lace


 4thTriple dripsExercises 1-5Katie and Koda
   Exercises 6-10Katie and Squid
   Exercises 11-15Lesley and Zeb



Class 2 - A Weekend In The Peaks

 1stThe LabrapawsExercises 1-3Kaye and Richie
   Exercises 4-6Tracey and Purdey
   Exercises 7-9Lisa and Alfie
   Exercises 10-12Tara and Ellie
   Exercises 13-15Alex and Boetie


 2ndThe ScallywagsExercises 1-3Sue and Lexi
   Exercises 4-7Maggie and Rufus
   Exercises 8-11Janette and Buddy
   Exercises 12-15Bev and Ozzy


 3rdWho Let The Dogs OutExercises 1-5Mary and River
   Exercises 6-9Mary and Uisce
   Exercises 10-12Mary and Priya
   Exercises 13-15Valerie and Sake


 4thThe Animal MagiciansExercises 1-4Suzanne and Lark
   Exercises 5-7Vicky and Rico
   Exercises 8-11Claire and Thistle
   Exercises 12-15Glenis and Gamble




Individual Specials

  From VBDTC Mixed NutsPeta and BillyCotswolds   Peaks
  From 'WAT' Dog MinisValerie and HarlequinCotswolds   Peaks


Team Specials

  Animal MagiciansClaire and EmberCotswolds   Peaks
   - Pups to PensionersSuzanne and CarneyCotswolds   Peaks
   Vicky and ZiaCotswolds   Peaks
   Glennis and LoxleyCotswolds   Peaks
   BonusCotswolds   Peaks


  The Squirrel ChasersLeanne and BrodieCotswolds   Peaks
   Charlotte and JakeCotswolds   Peaks
   Tony and CassieCotswolds   Peaks
   Vanessa and TonkaCotswolds   Peaks
   BonusCotswolds   Peaks


Class 3 - Off To The Lakes

 1stBlack White and Red All OverExercises 1-3Sally and Zee
   Exercises 4-9Sara and Lexi
   Exercises 10-15Sally and Lace


 2ndSock It To 'Em SheepdogsExercises 1-5Anne and Ziggy
   Exercises 6-10Hap and Gigi
   Exercises 9-11Callie and Daisy


 3rdWessex K9 HalloweenExercises 1-3Mary Ann and Costa
 SpecialBest CostumesExercises 4-6Lorna and Nora
   Exercises 7-9Tess and Brodie
   Exercises 10-12Karen and Ruby
 SpecialBest TrickExercises 13-15Susan and Ghillie


 4thPlead For ClementcyExercises 1-5Louise and Charlie
   Exercises 6-10Ronnie and Flora
   Exercises 11-15Annie and Monkey


 SpecialDedication or "Utter Nutter" Award;Go for a swimAlex and Boetie
 SpecialDedication or "Utter Nutter" Award;Go for a swimLouise and Oscar


 SpecialBest PropsExercises 1-4Bev and Ozzy
  The ScallywagsExercises 5-9Maggie and Rufus
   Exercises 10-12Sue and Lexi
   Exercises 13-15Janette and Buddy



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