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Staycation Special Covid-19 Virtual Rally Relay
Watch the successful teams!

We thank the following competitors for agreeing to share the Youtube links for their rounds. Once again we were astounded at the high standard and the enthusiasm, especially in the Fun Class. The schedule for the event is still available here.

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Class 1 - Buddy's Stocking Filler

 1stThe Labrapaws Exercises 1-3Maddie and Pip
   Exercises 4-6Lisa and Alfie
   Exercises 7-9Alex and Boetie
   Exercises 10-12Kaye and Richie
   Exercises 13-15Tracey and Purdey


 2ndThe ScallywagsExercises 1-4Janette and Buddy
   Exercises 5-8Sue and Baylee
   Exercises 9-12Maggie and Rufus
   Exercises 13-15Bev and Ozzy


 3rdThe Lab FourExercises 1-3Jane and Nell
   Exercises 4-6Lisa and Libby
   Exercises 7-9Alex and Tau
   Exercises 10-12Tara and Ellie
   Exercises 13-15Lisa and Grace


 4thEvesham KiddzExercises 1-3Kaye and Dora
   Exercises 4-7Teresa and Dylan
   Exercises 8-11Emma and Kimi
   Exercises 12-15Sue and Zac


Class 2 - Rudolph's Flight

 1stShow Show SheepgodsExercises 1-3Callie and Daisy
   Exercises 4-6Callie & Zorro
   Exercises 7-9Anne and Ziggy
   Exercises 10-12Hap and Gigi
   Exercises 13-15Anne & Maddie


 2ndChristmas CrackersExercises 1-5Mary and Priya
   Exercises 6-9Valerie and Sake
   Exercises 10-12Brenda and Holly
   Exercises 13-15Florence and Prudence


 3rdVBDTC Black and TansExercises 1-3Hilary and Larry
   Exercises 4-6Anna and Byron
   Exercises 7-9Jane and Shannon
   Exercises 10-12Jane and Faroe
   Exercises 13-15Peta and Macey


 4thEvesham KiddzExercises 1-3Kaye and Dora
   Exercises 5-8Sue and Zac
   Exercises 9-12Teresa and Dylan
   Exercises 12-15Emma and Kimi


Class 3 - Santa's Helpers

 1stThe ScallywagsExercises 1-4Bev and Ozzy
   Exercises 5-9Maggie and Rufus
   Exercises 10-12Sue and Baylee
   Exercises 10-15Janette and Buddy
  SpecialBest TiebreakerBev and Ozzy


 2ndSnow Show SheepgodsExercises 1-3Callie and Daisy
   Exercises 4-6Callie and Zorro
   Exercises 7-10Anne and Ziggy
   Exercises 11-15Hap and Gigi


 3rdWessex K9 Christmas ElvesExercises 1-5Tess and Brodie
   Exercises 6-10Mary Ann and Costa
   Exercises 11-15Susan and Ghillie


Individual Specials

  Christmas Spirit - Buddy's Stocking FillerSara and Ripley from SWAT Rally Good Dogs 
  Christmas Spirit - Rudolph's FlightLinda and Rudi from Team Happy Go Lucky! 


  Best Use of Indoor SpaceKathleen and Robin from Bow and Belles 


  The Snow QueenScarlett and EeviClass 1   Class 2
  from Happy LappiesScarlett and OnniClass 1   Class 2


Winners of Santa's Helpers - The Scallywags



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